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With Doug Noll's revolutionary approach, you can have a calm conversation with anyone who believes differently than you do.

Absolutely FREE for a limited time, this digital edition of How to Have a Calm Conversation with the Politically Polarized gives you the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to:
  • Open a conversation around any hot topic...
  • Read the emotional data field of any person immediately...
  • Respond calmly to any insult or verbal provocation without getting triggered yourself...

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Doug Noll's real-world tested approach to de-escalating conflicts is guaranteed to allow you to have a calm conversation around any political topic..
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Chapter 1
We don't think much about our beliefs or how they are formed. Learn more about beliefs in our brains.

Follow as you discover the psychological background behind the concepts you’ll implement.

Chapter 2
Emotional Invalidation
Emotional invalidation is our first reaction to hearing something we don't like. It is a primary cause of political arguments. Learn how to avoid this common mistake.

Chapter 3
Ask to Be Understood
Follow step-by-step to gain the principles of how to ask questions that invite dialogue instead of argument.

Learn to develop compassion and communication between you and anyone that holds radically different beliefs. These are the skills that will lead to an emotionally satisfying life for you and your entire family.

Chapter 4
Validate the Other Person
 Doug's approach  to listening to emotions will develop your  empathy for others. You will learn how to validate another person's emotional experience. This is the key to maintaining calm in the face of intractable differences of opinion.

Chapter 5
What About Me?
Learn how validate your own beliefs and meet your own needs. Gain independence and freedom from the idea that everyone has to think like you do.

This is an awesome set of practical skills that you can put to use immediately. And, it is absolutely free!

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Here's What You Are About to Learn
  • What neuroscience tells us about beliefs. It is so counter-intuitive, yet magical once you understand. (check it out on p. 8).
  • 3-Step Listening vs. “Listening with Your Ears” – Do you know the difference? If you don’t, there’s a chance you’re making one of the biggest parenting mistakes you can make.
  •  Copy and paste conversations, case-study examples, and say this, don’t say that exercises you can immediately apply
  •  Why logic won’t work and the emotional necessities you can’t avoid. If you continue to think rationally inside of following the advice shared on p. 14, you’ll create a barrier  between you and others.
  •  And much, much more!

Douglas E. Noll, J.D., M.A. is regarded as one of the top 1% of lawyers worldwide.

His specialty, solving complex, intractable problems peacefully through emotionally-based communication methods, earned him recognition as one of the Best Lawyers in America by US World News and Report.

In 2000, Doug left his successful practice to devote his life to peacemaking and service to humanity.

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This is a free e-book and credit card is NOT required.
We do not share your email with anyone!
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